Hơn 400 từ ngữ nên tránh trong email marketing

Danh sách các từ trong email có thể làm tỷ lê spam của bạn tăng lên hãy giảm thiểu sử dụng những từ này trong email của bạn (5)

Những từ ngữ nên tránh trong email marketing
This isn’t a scam Earn per week Mail in order form Reverses
#1 Easy terms Maintained Reverses aging
$$$ Eliminate bad credit Make $ Risk free
‘Hidden’ assets Eliminate debt Make money Rolex
100% free Email harvest Marketing Round the world
100% Satisfied Email marketing Marketing solutions S 1618
4U Expect to earn Mass email Safeguard notice
50% off Explode your business Medicine Sale
Accept credit cards Extra income Medium Sales
Acceptance F r e e Meet singles Sample
Access Fantastic deal Member Satisfaction
Accordingly Fast cash Member stuff Satisfaction guaranteed
Act Now Fast Viagra delivery Message contains Save $
Act Now! Financial freedom Message contains disclaimer Save big money
Act now! Don’t hesitate! Financially independent Million Save up to
Ad For free Million dollars Score with babes
Additional income For instant access Miracle Search engine listings
Addresses on CD For just $ (some amount) MLM Search engines
Affordable For just $xxx Money Section 301
All natural For Only Money back See for yourself
All new For you Money making Sent in compliance
Amazing Form Month trial offer Serious cash
Amazing stuff Free More Internet Traffic Serious only
Apply now Free access Mortgage Shopper
Apply Online Free cell phone Mortgage rates Shopping spree
As seen on Free consultation Multi level marketing Sign up free today
Auto email removal Free consultation Multi-level marketing Social security number
Avoid Free DVD Name brand Solution
Avoid bankruptcy Free gift Never Special promotion
Bargain Free grant money New customers only Stainless steel
Be amazed Free hosting New domain extensions Stock alert
Be your own boss Free info Nigerian Stock disclaimer statement
Being a member Free installation No age restrictions Stock pick
Beneficiary Free Instant No catch Stop
Best price Free investment No claim forms Stop snoring
Beverage Free leads No cost Strong buy
Big bucks Free membership No credit check Stuff on sale
Bill 1618 Free money No disappointment Subject to cash
Billing address Free offer No experience Subject to credit
Billion Free preview No fees Subscribe
Billion dollars Free priority mail No gimmick Success
Bonus Free quote No hidden Supplies are limited
Brand new pager Free sample No inventory Take action now
Bulk email Free trial No investment Talks about hidden charges
Buy Free website No medical exams Talks about prizes
Buy direct Freedom No middleman Teen
Buying judgements Friend No obligation Tells you it’s an ad
Buying judgments Full refund No purchase necessary Terms and conditions
Cable converter Get No questions asked The best rates
Call Get it now No selling The following form
Call free Get out of debt No strings attached They keep your money – no refund
Call now Get paid No-obligation They’re just giving it away
Calling creditors Get started now Not intended This isn’t junk
Cancel at any time Gift certificate Notspam This isn’t spam
Cannot be combined with any other offer Give it away Now This won’t last
Can’t live without Giving away Now only Thousands
Cards accepted Great offer Obligation Time limited
Cash Guarantee Off shore Trial
Cash bonus Guaranteed Offer Undisclosed recipient
Cashcashcash Have you been turned down? Offer expires University diplomas
Casino Hello Once in lifetime Unlimited
Celebrity Here One hundred percent free Unsecured credit
Cell phone cancer scam Hidden One hundred percent guaranteed Unsecured credit/debt
Cents on the dollar Hidden assets One time Unsecured debt
Certified Hidden charges One time mailing Unsolicited
Chance Home Online biz opportunity Unsubscribe
Cheap Home based Online degree Urgent
Check Home employment Online marketing US dollars
Check or money order Homebased business Online pharmacy Vacation
Claims Human growth hormone Only Vacation offers
Claims not to be selling anything If only it were that easy Only $ Valium
Claims to be in accordance with some spam law Important information regarding Open Viagra
Claims to be legal In accordance with laws Opportunity Viagra and other drugs
Clearance Income Opt in Vicodin
Click Income from home Order Visit our website
Click below Increase sales Order now Wants credit card
Click here Increase traffic Order shipped by Warranty
Click to remove Increase your sales Order status We hate spam
Collect Incredible deal Order today We honor all
Collect child support Info you requested Orders shipped by Web traffic
Compare Information you requested Outstanding values Weekend getaway
Compare rates Instant Passwords Weight loss
Compete for your business Insurance Pennies a day What are you waiting for?
Confidentially on all orders Internet market Per day While supplies last
Congratulations Internet marketing Per week While you sleep
Consolidate debt and credit Investment Performance Who really wins?
Consolidate your debt Investment decision Phone Why pay more?
Copy accurately It’s effective Please read Wife
Copy DVDs It’s effective Potential earnings Will not believe your eyes
Cost Join millions Pre-approved Win
Costs Join millions of Americans Price Winner
Credit Laser printer Prices Winner
Credit bureaus Leave Print form signature Winning
Credit card offers Legal Print out and fax Won
Cures baldness Life Priority mail Work at home
Deal Life Insurance Prize Work from home
Dear [email/friend/somebody] Lifetime Prizes Xanax
Diagnostics limited time Problem You are a winner!
Dig up dirt on friends Limited time offer Produced and sent out You have been selected
Direct email Limited time only Profits You’re a Winner!
Direct marketing Loans Promise you Your income
Discount Long distance phone offer Pure Profits You’re a Winner!
Do it today Lose Quote
Don’t delete Lose weight Quotes
Don’t hesitate Lose weight spam Real thing
Dormant Lower interest rate Refinance
Double your Lower interest rates Refinance home
Double your income Lower monthly payment Refinanced home  
Drastically reduced Lower your mortgage rate Removal instructions  
Earn Lowest insurance rates Remove  
Earn $ Lowest Price Removes wrinkles  
Earn extra cash Luxury car Reserves the right

các từ nên tránh trong email marketing

+ Tránh sử dụng quá nhiều ký hiệu: Bộ lọc của ISP không chỉ tìm kiếm từ spam, mà còn quét nội dung của bạn cho các ký hiệu, chấm câu và viết hoa.

+ Tránh nhiều dấu chấm than: Tránh sử dụng nhiều dấu chấm than ở cuối câu. Các nhà viết quảng cáo chuyên gia thường đề nghị bạn xóa tất cả chúng lại với nhau, dựa vào từ của bạn để cung cấp sự nhấn mạnh thay vì một dấu chấm than.

+ Tránh kêu gọi hành động nhiều:  Thời gian duy nhất thích hợp để kêu gọi hành động. Như mua ngay, xem thêm,click vào đây… nên dùng 1 lần để tránh bị cho là spam

+ Tránh sử dụng dấu đô la $ –  Giống như dấu chấm than, quá nhiều dấu hiệu đô la có thể gây ra cờ đỏ với các bộ lọc spam.

+ Tránh định dạng lạ: Cách bạn định dạng nội dung cũng quan trọng như nội dung chủ đề của nội dung. Cố gắng tránh định dạng đáng ngờtrong email của bạn, chẳng hạn như:

Sử dụng dấu phân cách khi không cần!? !!

Viết nhiều màu chữ cho hiệu ứng

Sử dụng các cỡ chữ khác nhau trong cùng một câu

Viết chữ hoa nhiều

Chữ hoặc in nghiêng nhiều hơn một vài từ trong mỗi câu

Tránh dùng nhiều URL rút ngọn:  Người gửi spam thường sử dụng shorteners để ẩn URL của họ và vì lý do này, rất nhiều URL phổ biến như bit.ly đã được đưa vào danh sách chặn ISP.


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